Friday, August 24, 2012

NOW AVAILABLE: Battle Path - Empiric

After a bit of a delay on my half, we are extremely proud to present to you the newest release from Battle Path, Empiric. It comes via pro-tape in a clear shell/cassette and features four tracks of doom tinged black metal of the highest caliber. If you haven't checked these guys out yet do yourself a huge favor and drop by their Bandcamp.

The first 24 tapes come with a 3"x4"  logo screen printed, Muslin bag filled with an assortment of teeth. Most bags have 3-4 teeth depending on size and quantity. Act fast, they will go quickly. They will be the same price as the non-limited versions so you're really getting the best deal there.

Jump on over to the store ASAP! They'll be available within the hour!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Battle Path News/Updates

It's with great pleasure that we release to you the new album from Battle Path, entitled Empiric, on Bandcamp so that you may listen to the album before you make the grueling decision to spend $7 and get something awesome. Just have a look at the album art. It's pretty awesome and quite possibly could be an indication of what special things are to come with the first 30's limited packaging.

While we'll have the tape out a ways before this, it's also with great pleasure that we announce Empiric will find its way home to properly rest its head on vinyl via Alerta Antifascista Records later this year. 

Check out the album in full here. If you're feeling extra kind, give the album a download and help them out. More income from album sales, digital or other, always lend a hand toward further merch investments. So, if you want a shirt to bear its head in the future...or patches, or shiny things...SUPPORT!

And don't forget, swing by Alerta Antifascista Records and check out what they have to offer in the meantime.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First release for sale, new distro items.

This is a little overdue. The Aerugo Demo MMXII is back from the plant and up for sale on the store. Along with this we just got in a couple items from Fallen Empire Records. Those are the Hermodr - S/T Cassette and Trist's Nostalgie EP 7".

Up next: We sent out the newest material from Battle Path a few weeks back and will hopefully have that back before too long. Look forward to that, the material is excellent.

Once things are finalized we should also be getting a few items in from Yhdarl, Imber Luminis and Merda Mundi.

Keep your eyes peeled. I'll try to get this updated more, say, before the tapes are released for sale.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some News


As many of you already know from Facebook posts, we've sent in the first tape for pressing which will be the Aerugo demo MMXII on pro-tape. We should be hearing more about this before a whole lot longer, expect things to happen mid to late May in regards to that tape.

In other news, myself, Todd (of Battle Path/Blackened Slugs/Sanctum Abyss), and our good friend and honorary empire member, Alex, will be attending Gilead Media Fest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this coming weekend.

We will have an assortment of goodies to hand out including the Aerugo promo CD-r (same thing as the tape, just in a limited homemade CD-r package), a sampler CD/compilation of tracks from upcoming Fallen Empire Records releases and Sanctum Abyss releases (first peek at new Battle Path material), and an assortment of fliers and other miscellaneous paper junk (fliers) for Fallen Empire, Sanctum Abyss, and Horizon Productions.

Also, I'll have a limited amount of Blackened Slugs T-shirts (assuming things go as planned). If you took the poll on the BS Facebook page, I will set your shirt aside, just send me an email on Monday and we'll get you squared away on that. (blackenedslugs[at]gmail[dot]com or sanctumabyss[at]gmail[dot]com).

Don't hesitate to come up and chat with us, we're looking forward to meeting everyone that makes it out to the show and for those who don't, we will hopefully catch up sometime in the future.

Don't know what we look like? I'll be the guy in all black.

Waldo that shit.

- Nick

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sanctum Abyss

We are a new tape label housed under the Blackened Slugs Empire. Our first two releases will be from black metal/doom acts Aerugo and Battle Path.