Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some News


As many of you already know from Facebook posts, we've sent in the first tape for pressing which will be the Aerugo demo MMXII on pro-tape. We should be hearing more about this before a whole lot longer, expect things to happen mid to late May in regards to that tape.

In other news, myself, Todd (of Battle Path/Blackened Slugs/Sanctum Abyss), and our good friend and honorary empire member, Alex, will be attending Gilead Media Fest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this coming weekend.

We will have an assortment of goodies to hand out including the Aerugo promo CD-r (same thing as the tape, just in a limited homemade CD-r package), a sampler CD/compilation of tracks from upcoming Fallen Empire Records releases and Sanctum Abyss releases (first peek at new Battle Path material), and an assortment of fliers and other miscellaneous paper junk (fliers) for Fallen Empire, Sanctum Abyss, and Horizon Productions.

Also, I'll have a limited amount of Blackened Slugs T-shirts (assuming things go as planned). If you took the poll on the BS Facebook page, I will set your shirt aside, just send me an email on Monday and we'll get you squared away on that. (blackenedslugs[at]gmail[dot]com or sanctumabyss[at]gmail[dot]com).

Don't hesitate to come up and chat with us, we're looking forward to meeting everyone that makes it out to the show and for those who don't, we will hopefully catch up sometime in the future.

Don't know what we look like? I'll be the guy in all black.

Waldo that shit.

- Nick